Give your kid the best possible start in skating

Skates are a hit among kids. It’s fun, and also the perfect way for your child to improve their motor skills, strength, and balance. Here’s all you need to get your kid started on skating

Skating is not only a healthy way for the youngest in the family to get some fresh air, but it’s also a very social thing, that you can do with your friends. But what gear should you buy for your kid, you might ask yourself.

Don’t worry. We’ve gathered all you need for your kid to get instant skating success.

For the little roller skater

Are you looking for the perfect pair of roller skates for your kid to take his or her first strides into the fantastic world of roller skating? Then the Roces Quaddy 2.0 is the right choice.

The anatomically shaped liner, soft boot, and the EcoMesh will keep your kid's feet happy, comfortable, and dry.

The plastic shell makes sure that your child gets great support - a must when you are learning how to skate. The combination of laces, power straps, and a micro-adjustment buckle gives a snug and comfy fit.

You can expand the Roces Quaddy 2.0 up to 4 sizes, which means the roller skate can grow with your kid.

A top pair of inline skates

The Phuzion Universe from Powerslide looks good and feels even better!

This skate is both durable and light, thanks to the glass fiber reinforced plastic shell and aluminum frame. The fast quality wheels with ABEC 7 bearings are the recipe for an instant hit among the youngest ones.

The Phuzionz's high cuff give your child great support, and the comfy and extra padded liner inside the boot means that your kid can skate for hours without getting sore feet.

The skate is size adjustable and covers 3 sizes, so you don't have to get your child a new pair next season because they have outgrown them.

A must-have

A helmet is a must-have, and the Wipeout Dry Erase Kids Skate Helmet will keep your kid's head safe. The helmet is approved for biking, roller skating, scootering, and skateboarding.

The helmet is comfy to wear thanks to the padding inside, and the adjustable strap secures a good fit. Choose between 4 sweet looking colors.

Your child can customize their helmet by drawing with one of the markers, and stencils included. When they are done, they can do it again. Just take some water to wash the non-toxic markers away to get a clean canvas.

Play safe

Being safe is key when you’re out skating, and with a 3 pack of skate protection from HangUp your kid gets the confidence he or she needs to let loose and have fun.

This set contains quality knee, elbow and wrist guards with impact caps, soft lining and backing socks for extra comfort, and comes in 4 cool colors.


Didn’t find what you were looking for? Then check out our huge selection of kids skates and protective gear right here.

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