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3 very good reasons to start roller skiing

If you are a keen cross-country skier or an alpine snow lover, you should read further. We are talking roller skiing and how you can benefit and up your game during the snowless months.

Staying fit

There is a good old saying that “good skiers are made during the summer”, and it seems to be quite true. You simply cannot expect to stay in shape for cross-country runs in the winter, if you don’t break a bit of sweat during the spring, summer, and fall.

The good news is that you can do this easily, with focus on the same muscles, with a pair of roller skis. When you go cross-country skiing you use more than 80% of your body muscles. When you go roller skiing, you use the same muscles, so not only do you get a perfect workout but also a very specific one.

Roller skiing, just like cross country, improves your core strength, arms and leg muscles, plus, it is a perfect cardio training. All that wrapped in low-pressure and low-impact on your joints, which is perfect if you suffer an injury and cannot run, for example.

Improving your technique

Not only do the roller skis keep you fit but they also allow you to work on your technique. Depending on what you are into you can choose between the two types of roller skis - skate or classic.

The skate ones have narrower wheels with a bigger diameter and shorter base. The skate roller skis are perfect if you want to get the real on-snow feel of skate skiing. They allow more freedom in the movements, as well as more speed.

The classic roller skis have wider wheels with a smaller diameter and a longer base. They are perfect if you need more balance and work on your kicking off. So your arms and core get really engaged with those. As the name suggests, you can expect a prep for more classic on-snow performance.

No snow? Not a problem

Last but not least, the obvious reason is that you can go roller skiing in the snowless months, which (unfortunately) are way more than the snowy ones. Roller skis have been introduced way back in the 1930s as a training gear for professional cross-country skiers.

As time passed, roller skis have become better and better in bringing the on-snow experience. The way they are built nowadays resembles more and more the actual skiing, with the only difference that it can be done off-season. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it!

So check out our page and get a pair of roller skies so you are ready for the upcoming winter season. If you are not sure which ones are for you, don’t hesitate to contact us, we got quite a few experts in the house.

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