Buying scooter grips

Grips are mounted on your bar. Like on a bicycle its important to have full control of your bar. There are alot of different models made of different materials. It's a matter of personal preferences on what you choose.

Notice: The inner diameter is the same on all grips hence they fit on all bars, unless stated otherwise.

The illustration below shows 2 grips with barends.

Mounting grips

Mounting grips can be difficult, we have some suggestions:

  • Spray some liquid into the grip and on the bar (Window cleaner, hairspray) Let it dry!
  • Use an air compressor to create an air pocket around the grip, and it will slide right on.
  • If all fails go to the local Bicycle mechanic, they can usually fix it fast.

Hints and info on grips:

  • Grips are replaceable parts and should be replaced when worn down.
  • Extra soft grips wear faster and needs replacement faster than other grips.
  • You can use a scissor to cut of your grips off the bar or cut them to the correct length.
  • Barends (The separate part you plug into the bar) does not fit into Aluminum bars due to the bar thickness. Though its possible to make a cut in the barend to force it into an alu bar.
  • We recommend to ride with bar ends, as these extends the bar lifetime.

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