How To Put On Grip Tape

In this guide, we will provide you with information on how to put on grip tape on a skateboard.

Most skaters put on their skateboard grip tape themselves. If you haven't tried it before, patience is a good success factor in order to achieve a good looking and durable result.

Putting on grip tape – step by step

In this video, SkatePro team rider Hjalte will show you how put on skateboard tape:

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The 4 steps on how to put on grip tape on a skateboard

Tools needed: A knife and a skate tool (or a small metal tool)

  1. Start out by removing the paper from the skateboard grip tape (so it gets sticky) and then place the sticky side of the griptape facing downwards - gently put it on the top of the deck. It's important that you place it centered on the deck. Then, use the paper you just removed from the grip tape, to press down the grip tape.
  2. Make a small cut in each corner of the grip tape. Then, create guidelines for the cut out of the grip tape by scratching the edges of the deck with a tool. Cut of the excessive grip tape along the line you just made.
  3. To get some more durable edges on your board, sharpen the sides of the grip tape with the grip tape pieces you cut off.
  4. At last, create holes for the bolts. Poke a hole through the eight spots with a pointy tool (e.g. a thin allen key). With a Phillips screwdriver, create bigger holes from the other side of the deck.

You are always welcome to contact us, if you are still in doubt about how to put on grip tape.

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