How To Put On Skateboard Griptape

Most skaters put on their skateboard griptape themselves. Trying this for the first time can be tricky and requires some patience. In this guide, we will show you how to put griptape on a skateboard and break down the information into 3 simple steps.


Tools needed: A knife and a skate tool (or a small metal tool)

1. Start out by removing the protective paper from the skateboard griptape, and place the sticky side of the griptape facing downwards on the top of the deck. Then, press down the griptape starting from the center and moving to the sides. Use the protective paper to push out any air bubbles.

2. Create guidelines for the cut-out of the griptape by lightly scoring the edges of the deck with a tool. Lift any overhanging griptape from the sides of the deck, and cut the griptape roughly at a 45° angle along the guideline.

3. To get a smoother finish on the edges of your board, sand the sides of the griptape with the leftover griptape.

Now that you know how it’s done, choose your favorite Skateboard Griptape and give it a go. Next up, check out How to Put On Skateboard Trucks.

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