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Guide for skateboard decks

When buying a skateboard deck, you would typically go for maple wood that is cold-glued. Most people would go for decks that are between 7.5" and 7.8", but you may want a smaller or wider size depending on the size of your feet.

Type of wood

It is important to be aware of the kind of wood the skateboard deck is made of. Some kind of woods break easy, wears down easily and may be deformed over time.

Maple should always be preferred, as it is very hard, heavy, strong and at the same time easy to shape. Maple decks can endure extreme use without breaking or deforming. In fact, maple is so easily shaped and stable, that it is used in a lot of instruments, such as violins, where even the smallest deformation can change the sound and quality of the instrument.

If you want the best deck, you should go for a deck made of Canadian maple. It is the hardest maple use in skateboard production and is about 15% harder than Chinese maple.

Deck size

Which size you should buy depends mainly on your foot size.

  • If you have a small foot (European size 35-40), you should choose a deck 7.25 -7.8 inches wide, as this will make it easiest for you to steer.
  • Most regular decks are between 7.5 and 7.8 inches wide.
  • If you use shoes in European size 45 or bigger, you should choose a deck that is at least 7.8 inches wide, as it otherwise will be difficult for you to land properly on deck when making tricks.
  • Decks, that are 8.25 to 9 inches wide, are usually used by riders on ramps, as they are easy to land on.

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