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Chaya Skates

Chaya Vintage Airbrush Roller Skates

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Shoe size (US Men): 6
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Let the Airbrush fulfill your retro roller skating dreams

The Airbrush Roller Skates by Chaya are a part of their Vintage line, paying as a tribute to the old-school-cool 70's, where dancing at the local disco or near the beach was a part of the daily routine. They're designed for outdoor skating and comes with a great and comfortable fit.

Technical features

  • Vegan mid-cut sneaker-style boot with soft EVA insole for maximum comfort
  • Lightweight Aja plates reinforced with glass fiber for increased strength
  • Smooth, soft and grippy 78A Spectrum wheels, perfect for outdoor cruising
  • Vintage colorway that surely will fit right into the disco
Wheel Diameter:
Plate Material:
Fiber glass, Plastic, Composite
Boot type:
Soft, Mid-top
Liner features:
Built-in, Anatomically shaped
Bearing precision:
Wheel width:
Wheel hardness:
Wheel material:
PU casted, SHR
Boot material:
PU leather
Liner material:
Textile, Foam
Recommended for:
Outdoor skating
reviews   (37)
They were delivered quickly and packaged very nicely. The fit was good, a little bit tight but after three or four uses they have loosened up. I did have to loosen the trucks and wheels a little but thats normal. I saw some reviews about wrong fit but if you follow the instructions and the sizing chart carefully you'll be fine. Overall really comfortable skates, would absolutely reccomend!
Jessica d. (Falls)
Rating: 5 of 5!
I am amazed with shipping. Far exceeded my expectations and in love with my new Chaya skates. Will recommend!!
Sheila Varela (Paterson)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Love these. My first chaya skates, They're comfy and cute! I'm excited to use these to get confident on flat skates!
Erica M. (Asheville)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Not only are they beautiful, but as a new skater they are very comfortable! The wheels are great for outdoor use as well as indoor use and they have been a lot of fun to learn to roller skate. I was worried about sizing, but they skates and the sizing guide made it easy for me to choice the correct size. They are true to size.
Diana R Soto (Longmont)
Rating: 5 of 5!
These were my daughter's first pair of skates and she loves them. They fit good and seem to be true to size. They provided good support and with a little adjusting - as with any new out of the box skates - she was well on her way. These seem to be very good skates of good quality and durability. And the color/design is awesome. Just what she wanted. And as usual, the customer service was perfect!
J. Hale (Tiffin)
Rating: 5 of 5!
I dont have much experience with skates but while skating the spike (that goes in the shoe?) in the plate in between the front wheels where the nut goes and popped out and made me fall, I fixed it but worried it will happen again.
Ashli rivera (San Antonio)
Rating: 4 of 5!
Reply from SkatePro:  Hey there,

Thank you for your review.

We would love to take a closer look at this issue.
You can reply to this email, with some pictures and videos
and we can help figure out what is going on with the skates. 😊

All the best

/ Sean
Skates are a little small for me but they work- (I'm a US, F, 7.5 and I ordered a size 6) wheels are nice and wide for outdoor/newer skater. Love the design and height.
Brooke Stewart (Wilmington)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Shipping was fast!!! Love them. I would definitely buy again from here. Whatever your size is got 1 size bigger you won’t be disappointed
Ana Estrada (Waukegan)
Rating: 5 of 5!
I originally ordered the wrong size and the refund process was simple and fast. I reordered the correct size and I absolutely love them. The fit is comfortable and it's easy to wear them for long periods of time. 10/10 would buy again!
Reva Reed-Olgin (Golden)
Rating: 5 of 5!
These skates are really great value for the money - super cute and comfortable to skate around on for long periods of time. The customer service was also superb! As some other reviews have noted, the sizing on these was a little confusing, so I contacted customer service after fearing I ordered the wrong size. Stefan was able to help me figure out what made the most sense. He also encouraged me to get in touch if they still didn't fit so they could help with the shipping costs. For those folks who are trying to figure out which size would work for them, I will say I'm normally around a US W 7.5 with a fairly narrow foot and high arches. I like my skates to be a little too small rather than too big, so I ended up getting US W 7/EU 38. They have worked well for me!
Kate Miller (Knoxville)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Love the skates, and the customer service I received was top notch!
LaNae Harris (Plano)
Rating: 5 of 5!
I've been trying to get these sent back for a refund and so far no one has contacted me. They do not fit. I need to either return or trade for some in the proper size. At this point I'm probably just going to sell them on Facebook.
Akasha olson (Saint Cloud)
Rating: 1 of 5!
Reply from SkatePro:  Thank you for your review. Sorry to hear you are having trouble returning your order. To make a return simply click on 'return order' at the bottom of the page. I will reach out to you directly to help you with your return 😊

Wasn’t even able to wear the skates, they sent me a size too small when I ordered the correct size I needed and claimed that it was my own problem for not looking at the size chart; I did look at the size chart before ordering. Now they’re having me pay for shipment to return them when it was their fault in the end. Still haven’t received my refund yet.
Hannah G. (Summerfield)
Rating: 1 of 5!
Reply from SkatePro:  Thank you for your review. We are so sorry that there was a sizing issue. With skates it is essential to measure your foot and to check this against the size chart as sizing can vary so much from skate to skate. As soon as your skates have been returned and processed your refund will be issued 😊.

Awesome skates! I ordered what I thought was the right size, but I was sent something different. I'm so glad that happened. These are a little snug on my feet, but what I ordered would have been too big. Looking forward to doing business with you guys again.
Stephanie Green (Cataula)
Rating: 4 of 5!
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