Inline Skate and Roller Skate Bags


What Is a Skate Bag?

Skate bags are wide-shaped bags specifically designed to carry your skates. This kind of bag will allow you to carry your quad skates or inline skates safely and comfortably on long trips or travels. These skate bags have the advantage of having a ventilated net on the side to keep your skates dry. They also feature extra side space for protective gear or skate tools and a plastic baseboard to make the bag more stable.

Choosing the Right Skate Bag

An appropriate skate bag should be able to accommodate all of your skating equipment, including skates and accessories. Based on the size of your skates and gear, you may choose a triangular bag or an athletic bag.

Materials used are also another important factor to consider. Sharp edges of your frames and other parts of your quads or inliners require your bag to be strong and resistant to avoid tearing. Also, remember that skate bags are bound to get dirty quickly, and a perfect roller or inline skate bag should be easily washable.

Skate Bags Vs. Skate Backpacks

Different from roller skate bags, skate backpacks are multi-purpose bags featuring side straps that hold skates outside the bag. They also provide extra room to transport your personal belongings on the go. Even though this kind of bag is good for commuters, they do not guarantee the same cover and protection as a triangular or athletic bag.

If you are looking for other ways to transport and store your gear, check out our Skate Backpacks.

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