Roller skate Bags


The way to carry and store your skates

Are you looking for a roller skate bag to take your inline skates, quads or ice skates across town? Or maybe a sturdy skate bag to transport your skates safely on longer trips or travels?

In our selection of skate bags, you’ll find a wide variety of bags who doubles as both a roller skate bag, an inline skate bag and an ice skate bag. They do not only have room for the skates themselves, but also for gear such as tools, protection gear and much more. A skate bag is also a great way to store your skates when you are not using them.

Strap the skates on your back

In this category, you will find not only traditional skate bags but also a wide range of backpacks that are specially designed for strapping roller skates, ice skates or quads safely on the backpack.

We have a wide selection of skate bags in all shapes, sizes, designs and colors. In this category, you’ll find both skate bags for adult skates, but also for skates in kids sizes. We have bags from brands like Tempish, SFR, Atom and much more.

The skate backpack is a multi purpose bag, which not only allows you to transport your skates but also has room for your protective gear or tools. All the skate backpacks have more than one room, which also makes them suitable as school bags, and some of them even come with a room designed for holding a laptop.

In this selection, you’ll also find other bags that are useful when you are skating. This could be a hip bag to hold your keys, mobile and wallet to bottle belts, so you can carry one or more water bottles when you are out skating.