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Carbon Boot Only

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The Carbon boot has succeeded in breaking out of the plastic monopoly that has been aggressive skate technology’s bread and butter since its creation. The Carbon is undeniably a true innovation and with its “Lighter - Faster - Closer” slogan it perfectly describes the advantages of this new development, with skaters worldwide reaping the benefits.

This is now a real hybrid boot that can last even longer and includes a new cuff for improved support and flexibility. This new boot, which has been created with a brand new and exclusive mold, includes a v-cut cuff that matches the enhanced lining of the skate. The improved flex thanks to this new cuff means that there is less stress on the inside lining allowing for longer life, perfect heel lock, and, all-round better performance.

The flex is also supported by a unique tongue, a one-piece construction made from different foams allowing for great comfort, perfect flex, and no wrinkles or surplus material that could cause blisters.

The internal structure makes the carbon lighter and more durable, with a new shape. The flex zones accommodate the additional cuff while maintaining plenty of support to do any trick you can imagine and made the crucial enhancement of superb forward flex being implemented into the design, a real bonus when it comes to your jumps and landings.


  • Improved flex
  • Lasting support
  • More comfortable
  • Exclusive new cuff
  • Brand new forward flex improvements for enhanced jumps and landings.
  • Stronger construction
  • Lower price despite performance enhancements
  • Triple stitched outer boot for toughest resistance yet.
Boot/Shell type:
Liner Features:
Built-in, Heat moldable, With lacing
Lacing, Micro-adjustment buckle, Velcro
Wheel diameter:
Bearing precision:
Not included
Wheel hardness:
Not included
Frame type:
Not included
Boot material:
Carbon, Fiberglass
Liner Material:
Recommended for:
Aggressive skating, Freestyle skating
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