Speed Skate Parts

Repair or Assemble New Skates With Speed Skate Parts

Assembling new speed skates with the right set of speed skate gear is pivotal to reach the highest speeds and improve your performance while skating. Also, quality speed skate parts are essential for the maintenance of your skates and increasing the lifespan of your bearings, frames and wheels.

Essential Accessories for Speed Skates Maintenance

Maintenance of your speed skates only requires your time and a set of speed skate accessories, and it starts with your lubricants and an Allen key.

An Allen key will allow you to safely install and remove most of your speed skate components. Functioning also as a bearing pusher, this tool helps access and inspect all items attached to your skate boots so you can check for any irregularities. Lubricants and cleaners, such as cleaners for bearings and oil for bearings, help you keep the core of your wheels in a perfect state. In fact, parts such as bearings, axles and spacers gather dirt and dust and every good skater should check them and clean them up after every session.

Keep Your Speed Skate Parts Ready

Whether you are skating consistently or just once a month, speed skate components will wear down eventually so it’s recommended to keep a fresh set of wheels, buckles, bearings and frames on the side.

Worn-out speed skate wheels and bearings will affect your performance and ability to reach high speeds. In general, if your wheels are not spinning properly anymore, it means that you will have to change your bearings to avoid wheel drag while skating. The same applies to your wheels, overused wheels will not maintain their original form, affecting your speed and overall efficiency.

Other speed skate parts like buckles, spacers, axles and frames must be always changed if they show any sign of damage. They constitute the essence of your skates, and deteriorating parts will not only have a direct effect on performance but also on your stability and safety.

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