Snowboard Protective Gear

What Protective Gear Do Snowboarders Wear?

Snowboarders use a range of protective gear to keep them safe on the slopes or the backcountry. Starting at the top of your body, the most important piece of snowboard protective gear is your helmet. Designs of snowboarding helmets have come a long way in recent years and are often lightweight, stylish and won’t restrict your vision. When choosing a helmet, you need to make sure that it is snowsports certified and that it fits securely on your head.

Do Snowboarders Wear Padding?

Snowboarders use padded protective gear to keep the rest of their bodies protected. For example, padded impact shorts are a great idea for all beginners and freestylers who think they will be falling over often. This piece of safety gear protects your hip area and tailbone from bruises or worse.

Another option is to use a back protector. Back injuries are generally uncommon for snowboarders, but when they do happen they are often serious. Many designs cover most of your upper body while allowing you to retain a good range of movement.

If you’re a snowboarder who enjoys going out into the backcountry then it’s a sensible idea to check out our avalanche gear. There, you’ll find all the tools you’ll need in case of an avalanche.

Of course, another aspect of protection that you will need is the right goggles, so take a look at our Snowboard Goggles category.

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