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Feldten Natural Wash

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Take care of your down jacket and/or other down textiles

The Natural Wash by Feldten is designed to wash your textiles with natural down filling. It's meant for down jackets, but also works great for sleeping bags, pillows, and other products with natural down fibers.

It's designed to make your down last longer and to optimize isolation while retaining its natural feel and character.

One bottle contains 500 ml., enough for 10-16 washes, depending on if you wash it in hand or in a machine. It's 100% free of bleaching agents, fillers, and optical brighteners.

How to use for machine wash:

  1. Fill drum half-full with textiles (Effective and hygienic wash even at 30 °C)
  2. Add 50 ml in the main wash compartment of the machine
  3. Chose program and temperature corresponding to textile care instructions
  4. Do not use softener

How to use for hand wash:

  1. Reduce dosage to 30 ml
  2. Rub and wash with your hands in warm water
  3. Dry in the dryer to achieve the maximum volume effect of the down (check textile care instructions first)
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