Surfskating for beginners: the essentials you need

Have you thought about catching the concrete wave but not sure how to start? Hang loose, we got your back! We have made this small series of short videos on the essentials when you are beginning with surf skating.

What actually is a surf skate?

Yes, maybe we should begin by explaining what on Earth a surf skateboard is. In the video, Gregor shows you a standard cruiser board and compares it to the surf skate to paint the picture of what you are about to get into.

Truth is, surf skates are a very different experience compared to traditional longboards or skateboards. So give yourself some time to get used to the board even if you know how to ride sideways already. One thing to remember, as our noob Siana said, “Keep calm and stay away from pebbles, they hurt!”

The beginning: get on the board

With surf skates, there are a few important pointers when you are about to get on the board and push off. The specific truck system and the way it moves affects the way you should position yourself on the board and how you kick start it.

Moving further by pumping the board

Surf skates are also very different in the way you move and gain speed. Rather than pushing, you ‘pump’ your way forward and normally speed is not what you are aiming for. The goal here is to carve your heart out onto the street and get the surf feel to the maximum.

Safe stopping tips

Ok, you have managed to get on the board, ride it but you also need to know the best way to also stop it (and not do like our noob and end up in the grass). Due to the unique truck system of the surfer skateboard, you cannot really stop in the same way as you would do it on a regular long or skateboard. Luckily, it’s quite easy to learn how to stop, check out how to do it.

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