When skateboards matter: picking The Right One

Yes, it is indeed the perfect time to get out and skateboard now. No more snow, rain, and cold to ruin your bearings. And in case you are just about to get a new board, we have something for you that will help you choose.

If you are in between the thoughts of building your first skateboard or getting a good-enough of a complete and save yourself the time and money, read further.

Well, the video goes quite into detail what to consider when building your board, looking at the various parts. It also gives you guidance what to keep an eye on if you are getting a complete skate.

Anyway, it is always good with some concrete examples of what presents a good complete. One of the most important things is to allow yourself to grow and you can do this by picking a board that follows your progress instead of holding you back.

Your skill is the best guide

If you are in transition from beginner to intermediate, a complete skateboard like Tricks Dimensiuns gives you some value-for-money. It has the essentials for this 'in-between' level - a narrow deck which makes the board more maneuverable and trick-friendly, say you are on your way to flip tricks.

A narrow deck and low trucks make the Tricks board good for both street and park skate and allow you to play a bit and experiment.

Keep an eye on the bearings

When you have reached the intermediate level there are some details that you need to be aware of when buying complete skateboards, namely, the bearings.

Normally, the entry completes come with bearings with standard ABEC 3 or 5 (Psst, the ABEC number shows the precision of the bearings; the higher the number, the better precision they have).

Be aware though, that not all brands use the ABEC system. So if you are looking for this number, you won't find it on every board's specs. That doesn't mean the bearings aren't good enough; just refer to the specific brand standard.

However, at this point, you should be going for something a bit better, such as a complete with quality trucks and good bearings. Jart's Classic skateboard is a good example here.

The board has a strong, narrow deck and is armed with quality low trucks from Iron and ABEC 7 bearings, which are more efficient and will give you more speed.

Quality and funky skate design

If you want it all; that will say quality deck, quality trucks, bearings, and wheels, and top it with a well-known skate brand famous for fresh designs, check Girl 93 Till Brophy.

Girl is a brand of skateboarders for skateboards which doesn't compromise with anything on their boards. A complete skateboard from them will definitely be there for you on your journey to greatness.

Now skate on!

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