NEW ARRIVALS: The new wheels from North Scooters are here

North Scooters are known for making some of the most durable wheels in the business. Now this Canadian rider owned brand is back with new wheels and a one of a kind killer collab.

There’s nothing wrong with repeating a success. North is back with a brand new and updated range of wheels. The icing on the cake is the sweet-looking collab with the guys from Midnight Distribution.

You can't go wrong with this one

Like their predecessors, they are durable and light. We are, of course, talking about the Vacant wheels v2, which has been updated with some sick colorways and graphics.

The hollow core design makes them strong and light, and the PU gives you a great amount of grip, no matter if you are riding in the park or the streets.

If you are riding street and want to go all the way with the Vacant XL wheels, which come 30mm wide with a diameter of115mm - find all the benefits of riding a 30mm wide wheels right here.

Made for hard shredding

Are you the kind of rider who likes to go big when riding street? Then the North HQ V2 wheel is the right choice.

These wheels do not only look good in all the new colorways, but they also have a beefy spoked core that can withstand even the hardest shredding.

The amount of PU and core makes these wheels perfectly balanced. The North HQ V2 comes with ABEC9 bearings pre-installed - ready to roll right out the box.

A sick collab

The North x Midnight Vacant is the result of six months collab between North and the guys from Midnight distribution.

The wheel is based on the Vacant model, so you get a durable and light hollow-core wheel. The unique thing about this collab is that you get ultra-fresh details like the glow-in-the-dark PU and nice original graphics.


Be sure to check out the rest of our parts from North Scooters right here.

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