How to find the perfect helmet

With a skate helmet on your head, you are safe, no matter if you are skating, riding a scooter or a bike. Here are our top tips and tricks on how to pick the right skate helmet for yourself or your kid.

A helmet is without a doubt the single most vital piece of protective gear to wear when you are out riding or skating.

In order to get maximum protection, you need to find the right helmet for you. Luckily it’s super easy if you just follow these few pointers.

Should I choose a bike helmet or skate helmet?

Can skate helmets be used for cycling? Yes, all the helmets in our skate, scooter, BMX, and skateboarding categories have an EN 1078 certificate. This means that they are approved for skating, scootering, and cycling.

But can I not just use a bike helmet?

A Skate helmet is designed to protect the back of your head, and it is also multi-impact resistant. A bike helmet often doesn't cover the back of the head. Furthermore, it needs to be replaced after a single serious impact.

What size skate helmet should I choose?

Picking the right size is essential. If your skate helmet is too big, it can slide down and block your vision or slide backward and exposed your forehead.

It’s very quick to find the right size. Take a measuring tape and measure around the widest part of your head, about one inch over your eyebrows. Then check the size chart below the helmet you want.

A popular choice for kids is the HangUp Skate Helmet II, which comes in many sizes and colors. A bestseller for adults and teenagers is the CORE Street helmet.

How to fit a skate helmet

Adjusting your helmet to ensure a proper fit is just as essential as choosing the right size.

Adjust the helmet straps, so they are tight enough to make sure that the helmet doesn't move on your head. But don't tighten them too much, a helmet also needs to be comfortable.

A lot of skate helmets, such as the Triple Eight Gotham, come with extra padding. This allows you to customize your helmet, so you get a snug and comfy fit.

Light and breathable

When you pick a helmet, it’s a good idea to have a look at how many vents it has. You want to keep it cool and not sweat too much.

Sometimes you will be wearing your helmet for a long time, so another aspect to consider is weight. In our huge selection of helmets, you’ll find models such as the Alk13 Helium V2, which only weighs 280gr.

If you are going for more speed and longer rides, for example fitness skating, you need a helmet with extra vents that will keep your head cool during extended sessions. Then you need a helmet like the REKD Pathfinder or the Powerslide Fitness Elite - super light and with plenty of vent holes.


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