Balance Bikes

How Do Balance Bikes Work?

Balance bikes, also known as toddler bikes or push bikes, are without pedals where the child uses their legs to push themselves forward. As a long as a child can walk, then they can use a balance bike, so many models are designed for children as young as 2 years old. Kids balance bikes are easy and fun for children to learn on and in some cases can take as little as 15 minutes for children to get the hang of them!

What Balance Bike to Buy?

Your child will be most comfortable if the bike fits so that they can touch the ground flat-footed with a small bend in the knee. To get the right size, the best way is to measure your child’s inseam with a tape measure. Ideally, the inseam number should be equal to the bike seat height, so when your child has shoes on, this will be slightly higher than the seat.

Balance Bike Vs. Training Wheels

A common question for parents is whether they should invest in a balance bike or go straight to a pedal bike with training wheels. While using training wheels will reduce the risk of your child falling over, it will be harder for them to learn to balance once the wheels have been removed. Balance bikes meanwhile are great for developing a child’s motor and balance skills, and will generally feel more comfortable with their feet on the ground.

Of course, it’s important that children have adequate protection when learning to ride, so check out our kids’ helmets and pads from our Kids Scooter Protection category.

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