Brighten up the world

Bring some light into the dark, when you are out rolling this autumn with a pair of luminous wheels to brighten up the blackness.

Photo by: Eugen Enin

It's autumn and soon it's winter and the days are getting shorter. But this doesn't mean that you can't go outside to skate.

Do like Mr. Eugen Enin in the picture above and mount a pair of Light-up wheels. They are perfect for cruising on your inline skates.

If you are into roller skating in the dark or at the disco add some personality to your skates, a set of light-up wheels is the way to go.

All the colors of the rainbow

The Luminous LED inline wheels come in all the colors of the rainbow. Seba is known for making quality wheels, and the Luminous is no exception.

The wheels come in many different sizes from 72mm to 125mm. So, no matter if you are into riding at the skate park or doing a marathon, you can brighten up the world.

The Luminous LED inline wheels come in 8 colors. The wheels are sold separately, which means that you can mix and match them just as you like.

Be the queen or king of the roller disco

Are you rocking a pair of quads and want to join in on the light-up fun? Then you should check out the SFR Light Up roller skate wheels.

These babies are perfect if you are going to a roller disco, or if you are out in the city streets. The wheels have excellent grip, and the size fits most quad skates.


Be sure to check all our other wheels and light-up wheels for both inline skates and roller skates right here.

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