The new Burton 19/20 gear is here! Check the highlights

We started getting the first batches of this winter season’s new gear from Burton and, no lie, it looks awesome! Check out some of the highlights and stay tuned for more!

Something artistic for the thinkers

The Burton Thinker series features the iconic artwork of NYC street artist Keith Haring.

An art throw-back to the 80s is just one of the things to look forward to; these Thinkers have a lot to offer.

The Burton Deep Thinker is a super pow friendly, directional monster that will keep you afloat and still be playful and fun.

The board shape with Balanced Freeride Geometry and a directional camber provides control, beautiful floatation and pop when you need it.

The Burton Free Thinker, on the other hand, is for those of you who love a true twin shape.

Perfect for the park, pipe and rocking all over the mountain, the Free Thinker features 45° Carbon Highlights for snappy, quick rides without the side effects of a stiff board.

Something airy for the powder lovers

Yet another highlight for this season is indisputably the Burton Flight Attendant.

This board will shoot you straight up in the powder clouds or blast you supersonic through the hard packs.

It has a unique “split personality” character combining big mountain and all-terrain.

The Flight Attendant features the Balanced Freeride Geometry with Setback camber and sidecuts for that freeride performance, combined with directional camber and taper for airy floatation.

Something for the talented ladies

The Burton Talent Scout is absolutely ready for action and on the hunt for park talents.

The board is perfect for the progression seeker that is thirsty for more control, power, and flex without any drawbacks.

Off-axis design, Squeezebox core profile, and Frostbite edges make the Talent Scout tough edge holder with a natural flex feel, which only results in smooth and controlled rides.


Stay tuned for more news from Burton. And until then, check out our stock! CAUTION: Some sweet deals can be found!

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