Krux trucks in the mix: Homie or a Homer?

Krux trucks are well-known for their broken-in feel right after you get them out of the box and mount them to your skateboard. What else to wish for? How about some sick colorways! But first things first - Why are the Krux trucks so amazing?

The Secret of the Krux

The secret behind the Krux super-power to give you that instant comfortable feel as if they have been mounted on your board forever is in bushings.

The guys from Krux shape them perfectly to the hardware in order for you to get that Krux turn right after you mount them for the first time to your board.

This makes the Krux Standard skateboard trucks perfect for both beginners and experienced riders that don’t want to lose time breaking-in their trucks.

Wu-Tang is back

Ok, let’s get to the point. Krux trucks also come with super rad designs and colors. So rad, that the lastest ones gave us inspiration for some cool mix-it-up combos.

One of the epic newcomers from Krux is the Wu-Tang truck in a sick black-yellow colorway. And since that really gives the OG shivers, we combined it with this DGK Royalty tee and some black Autobahn Nexus wheels to finish the look.

The Nexus skate wheels are super durable while giving you one of the smoothest rolls, thanks to the "SuPerformance" urethane formula.

Want a Donut?

If you are a bit more chill though, we got that one for you - Donut Krux trucks, so you can awaken the Homer in you.

To match the funky attitude, we picked a Rip N Dip Think Outside tee to go together with the trucks.


Want to see more trucks? Check out our stock and get rolling!

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