The new signature decks from Flavor are here!

Flavor is here with the new signature decks from 5 of their best team riders - Boris Germain, Danny Roberts, Andrew Zamora, Jack Mccann, and Maxime Bouzid. We hooked up with the last-mentioned to hear more.

For the first time in over a year, the Australian scooter brand, Flavor, is ready with new parts.

Judging from the 5 new signature decks, we can reveal that it was worth the wait. One of the guys, who got his own deck, is our team rider, Maxime Bouzid.

A deck made for street

The new signature decks are based on the Awakening Deck, which is known for being light and durable - two of the things Maxime is looking for.

Photo by: Bradley Morrissey

"I like doing gaps, so it has to be strong. Moreover, the width plays a crucial role, as I want a steady deck, which is optimal for making technical tricks. Also, I'm a tall guy, so I need a long deck"

Maxime's deck is 22.75” long and 5.5”wide and comes with a box-cut dropouts, which allows you to grind ledges and rails without pegs.

The love and pain of scootering

Maxime has put a lot of thought and effort into the deck art, which he has designed himself.

"I choose to focus on the sport, which is full of different feelings. Some days you get so mad that you throw your scooter. Other times you feel like the happiest guy on earth." he says and continues:

"The crying moon/smiling moon and the love and pain symbolizes those feelings. Ordinary people might see falling is something degrading, but for the riders taking a fall is part of the business."

Shout out to the family and crew

But it's not only the feelings connected to scootering that has found its way onto Maxime's deck.

"The Arabic name is a homage to my aunt who passed this year, and to my grandpa who passed a few years ago. The poppy and crown symbolize my mom and dad, and the sun and the Z are for my hometown crew," he says and adds.

"The small sun with a rainy cloud means that sometimes there are bad moments but after the clouds are gone, there is always sun. It's a positive thing to keep my head up after my loss"


Find the Boris Germain, Danny Roberts, Andrew Zamora, Jack Mccann, and Maxime Bouzid signature decks right here.

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