The lightest protection ever?

The Race Pro protection gear from Powerslide is the perfect choice for any serious inline skater and speed skater. It's superlight, gives you maximum flexibility, and high comfort.

Powerslide is the most innovative brand in the world when it comes to developing gear for inline speed skating. The Race Pro series is designed to keep you safe and at the same time, be so comfortable that it feels like you are not wearing protective gear.

The most comfortable kneepads yet?

Say goodbye to bulky, ill-fitting and restraining kneepads with the Race Pro Skate Knee Pads from Powerslide.

The stretchy elastane fabric will give you supreme flexibility, and the anti-slip bands will make sure that you get a perfect fit. The nylon mesh on the backside will keep you ventilated, even during hot weather.

You'll stay fully protected thanks to the EVA padding with a Kevlar cover in the exposed areas which provides you with a mind-boggling level of protection.

A favorite among speed skaters

Thin, discrete, lightweight, and highly breathable - All features that make the Powerslide Race Glove the most popular among the World's best speed skaters.

Your palms are protected thanks to a hard cap that catches your weight on the asphalt without getting abrasions or impact damage. The same goes for the knuckle inserts.

The glove itself is made from microfiber material, and mesh, which keeps your hands dry and comfortable. The thumb has terry cloth so you can wipe the sweat away.

No more annoying straps

Once you have tried the Race Pro Elbow Pads, you are never going to skate without them again.

The design of the Race Pro pads is not only eliminating annoying straps that chafe into your joints but also creates a snug fit, due to the anti-slip bands.

Your elbows have all the protection you need thanks to the EVA padding with a Kevlar cover. This winner combination allows you to stay safe, and at the same time, enable you to move freely.


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