New colorways from Merritt

Merritt is known for delivering high-quality parts and crazy colorways. Now it’s time to go blue with their new wave of 2019 parts. Get ready to be amazed by their new NC Blue colorway.

Whether you go all in and get a full NC Blue setup or mix with some of all the other sweet colorways from Merritt, you are sure to get good quality from one of the leading brands in the industry.

Stronger than ever before

If you are looking for insanely strong BMX rims, the Merritt Battle Rims are the answer.

This aluminum rim is super light, and its welded seams and double walled sides make it able to take countless impacts without breaking.

Maximum comfort and control

The Merritt Andre Handlebar is durable and light due to it being made out of multi-butted heat-treated Chromoly steel.

Its 9.25" width makes it easy to control and more comfortable to ride. The Merritt Andre bar also comes in a 9.75" version for all the tall riders.

The tire that every street rider needs

The Merritt Option 20" BMX Tyre is perfect for street riding. It's designed to be fast and shock absorbent.

Say goodbye to drag on grinds with Merritt's ultra-hard low Friction Compound. This technology has also increased the durability of the sidewalls.

The base for a good session

The new NC Blue colorway makes the Merritt P1 BMX Pedals look as sweet as ever. You can’t go wrong with these.

You get a comfortable and stable platform to stand on due to the pedal's unique low profile design, and the nylon and fiberglass secure that you have a long lasting pedal.

A good grip

Merritt hooked up with their team rider Charlie Crumlish to make a new set of grips. The result is the super soft Merritt Charlie Crumlish Grips.

They are flangeless and with 160mm, slightly longer in length compared to many grips out there, which makes them a real dream for anyone out there who is into barspins.


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