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3 tricks you cannot have a session without

We asked three of our team riders to show us a trick they won't have a session without doing at least once. Find out what the three tricks are and see how you can do them yourself.

Marcel ┼╗urawski: A classic trick

The first rider in the spotlight is our Polish rider Marcel ┼╗urawski, who highlights the Manual as his favorite trick, find out why right here.

Ricky Anthony: A legendary grind

Our British rider Ricky Anthony points out that the Frontside 50 is his number one trick to do on his box-end UrbanArtt Bone deck. Check out this video to see Ricky do his favorite trick.

Thomas Ulleand: Kickless craziness

Thomas Ulleand's favorite trick is a Double Heel Kickless. Our Norwegian rider shows you how the trick is done with style in the video below.


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