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Work hard, sign with Jart! The story of Jamie Manning

We are super stoked that one of our skateboard team riders, Jamie Manning, has signed as flow with Jart Skateboards. There is only one person who is more excited and that is Jamie himself. Let's hear it from him!

He is just 15 but has traveled half of the world for the sake of skateboarding. Jamie already has loads of experience and skill, and of course, this didn't go unnoticed. Recently, Jart skateboards signed him on their flow team and this is just the beginning.

Ok, Jamie, first - congrats! So how does it feel to get Jart as a board sponsor?

"I’m super hyped to get on flow for Jart. I’ve always loved the boards and the company, so being on flow for them is amazing!"

Did you expect it or was it a surprise? Is it part of the plan you got?

"Yeah, it was a big surprise as Jart’s a pretty big company. And in terms of a plan, I really don’t have one. I’m simply trying to skate hard and progress all the time."

What does it take to follow a 'skater career'? What are you doing to make this happen?

"I’m just trying to skate really hard and skate every single day. I’m trying to progress and always learn something new or take a trick to something a little bigger. I want to get out into the street more and hopefully get some street parts out."

You also travel a lot to skateboard. Where have you been?

" I think that traveling is really cool, especially with skating. You get to see new places, meet new people and skate all these new and interesting spots in whichever city/country you’re in. So far, I’ve skated in America, Australia, and quite a few European countries. Just this past weekend, I took a skate trip to the Netherlands, which was sick."

Which is the best place so far?

"I really like skating in America, especially in LA. There’s just such a big skate scene out there. There are so many good skaters, parks and street spots, which makes it loads of fun and can really help you to progress in skating."

How far would you go for skateboarding? Not only distance but also effort.

"I mean, my goal is to take my skating as far as possible. So I’ll just keep working really hard to keep improving. And in distance too, I’m happy to visit almost anywhere."

Well, 15 or not, Jamie has a good point - the key to success is indeed hard work and devotion. Go anywhere, skate every day, and progress. If you need the tools, we got your back - check our skateboard stock and get to flipping.

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