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Time for your new skateboard deck? Check those out!

We are excited to be surrounded by all this amazing gear here at SkatePro but sometimes we can’t just help sharing some of the highlights with you. This time around, we are talking Almost, Enjoi, and Blind.

Fancy an art piece? Go Almost!

With those new Cutout decks, Almost has collaborated with one of the best (and quite famous) graphic designers - Jean Julien. If you don’t know the name of the French illustrator and graphics guru, maybe you will recall the iconic “Piece for Paris” symbol that went viral in 2015.

Julien has worked for companies like Nike, RCA, ONLY, National Geographic, and many more. So you are definitely in for an art treat with his collab with Almost!

The decks are made with 100 % Canadian maple glued together with epoxy which is "pop-ing" combination. Those decks are super responsive and you will nail any trick, just keep trying!

Let only the leaves fall with this Blind deck

Simple and cool graphics from Blind on this Foliage deck. Not only that, but you are most definitely going to love it for its amazing pop that will last for quite some time.

The reason - single pressed Hard rock maple in combo with, once again, epoxy. This is a recipe for sticky flips and long sessions of joy.

Speaking of joy, Enjoi is in the house once again

Every time we get a deck by Enjoi it somehow manages to put a smile on everybody’s face. Those Panda Pile Up decks ain’t different.

The good thing is that you can either go just for the deck or get the Pile Up Enjoi complete, which is tailored for those starting off with skateboarding.

The Enjoi Pile Up deck comes with hybrid construction of Canadian and Hard Rock maple, full concave and steep kicks for those who want to go bigger and rowdier on the tricks.

The Panda Pile Up complete, on the other hand, comes with a standard 7-ply Hard Rock construction and a medium concave, plus some good trucks and wheels from Enjoi. This makes the perfect complete for those who are just about to flip that first trick.

Do you want more? We got it! Check the rest of our skateboard stock and let the ollies begin!

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