Follow the hype: New Root Industries completes

There’s no doubt about it Root Industries are making some sick completes and parts. We have gathered some of our favorite products from this Australian scoot brand.

We recently got a bunch of damn fine parts and completes from Root Industries, and now we think it’s time to share it with you guys.

Besides the long-awaited Air deck, we have also gathered the new Root Industries Air RS and the Root Industries Lithium Complete Scooter.

A street deck that changes the game

The Root Industries Air Deck gives you maximum space for grinding and sliding due to the flat bottom. There's no need for pegs just use the boxed ends with interchangeable inserts.

You get a solid foot-lock that will make it easier to do tricks and keep you stable doing landings thanks to deck's 2° concave.

Ride with the flex fender and mount wheels up to a diameter of 120mm or ride brakeless with the included Root Industries fixed fender.

On the hunt for a complete setup? Then the guys from Root have put together a sweet the Root Industries Air RS complete scooter, which also features the Air Deck and all the other parts from the Air series.

Stronger and lighter than ever

Get the features of a pro scooter at an entry-level price with the Root Industries Invictus complete scooter.

The bar is 50% stronger than regular aluminum bars, but just as light because it's made of Hi-Modulus Alloy.

Add the ultra smooth headset to the setup and whips will become easier than ever. You get speed, stability, and control thanks to the 110mm x 30mm AIR Wheels.


Want more Root Industries? Then check out our huge selection right here.

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