The perfect wishlist: How to make a skater happy on Christmas

From the beginner to the pro, here are our top picks on what to give a skater for Christmas.

On a budget? We found 5 gifts that will make every skater happy for very little money.

New wheels - a matter of performance

Wheels such as the Powerslide One wheels are always a good gift for an inline skater. A fresh pair of wheels will make a huge difference when it comes to balance, speed, and maneuverability.

The Powerslide One 8-Pack Wheels come with bearings and spacers, which is all you need for your inline skates.

Bearings: Can make your skates almost as good as new

A pair of bearings can breathe new life into a pair of skates. With the Wicked WCD Bearings, you'll get them flying in no time.

This type of bearings is high-end and used by marathon skaters and the ones who want a fast bearing that can withstand bad weather.

Stay safe and do better

The Roces Protection Basic Skate Pads 3-pack will not only reduce the risk of getting injured but also give you the confidence to take things to the next level.

This 3-pack includes knee and elbow pads and wristguards - in short, all you need.

But remember, you also need a helmet which you can find right here.

Get skating with K2

Looking for a gift for an aspiring skater? The K2 Freedom 80 Alu 2018 is a perfect choice. Its anatomically shaped liner keeps your feet comfortable, no matter if you're out on a short stroll or a long trip.

The 80mm wheels and aluminum frame makes it light and fast, and the lacing, and power strap secure that you get a perfect power transfer.

You’ll find the K2 Freedom 80 Alu 2018 skates in women's version and a men's version. Right now, we have a great deal on both models.

The perfect beginner skate

The SFR Vision Sneaker Roller Skates are the number one choice if you're looking for a gift for the young beginner.

The looks are out of this world, the skate is stable due to the bushings, and the power strap keeps your foot in place for the perfect balance.

The SFR Vision Sneaker Roller Skates have a sneaker-like feel and the soft padding makes them very comfortable to wear.


Feel like seeing some other awesome skates and parts? Then check out our huge selection right here!

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