Some sweet Rossignol temptations for the whole family

The ski season has already started so now is the perfect time to gear up the whole family. And Rossignol can help you with that - they simply have something for everybody.

Two good options for the different types of ski dads

The Rossignol Experience 84 - all-terrain monsters

Those skis are perfect for mixed terrain! Either you want to focus on carving down the piste or take a side turn and explore a bit of the powder wonderland.

Rossignol has pimped the Experience 84 with LCT (Line Control Technology) and the brand new Air Tip VAS which give them perfect control over your carving, reduce counter-flex and increases your stability. The freeride profile adds the extra fun you crave after a day at the slopes.

The Rossignol Hero Elite LT/ST - for the race dad

LT and ST stand for ‘long turn’ and ‘short turn’ and fits the preferences of the technical, on-trail skier. The Hero Elite skis are optimized for speed and slalom with quite a narrow waist (68mm for the ST and 71mm for the LT), LCT and poplar wood core for balance between lightweight and stability.

The Rossignol Famous series for all the super-star moms

This year Rossignol really raised the bar with the Famous women skis series that range from 2 to 10 to fit perfectly the female rider. Psst, the design is also quite cool - clean and feminine without the need for flowers and swirls around!

The Rossignol Famous 2, for example, is the entry-level ski for those of you who are on a beginner stage and need a pair of skis which can help develop your skills. They have a great flex and easy turn initiation.

Moving from the Famous 2 to the Famous 4 and 6, you are also turning up a notch the skill level and the technicality of the skis. They still come with the same waist size but the radius of the ski increases, which means that you can carve more aggressively and push the skis.

The Rossignol famous 10 is the cream of the crops in the series with a slightly thinner waist (73mm) and a more all-mountain profile, rather than piste focus. The core material is also different, where the poplar wood is reinforced with titanel instead of fiberglass, adding stiffness to the ski.

And for the little shredders - Rossignol Experience Pro Jr.

Just like the adult version, the Experience Pro Junior is perfect for both on-piste and also off-piste action, depending on what the little grom is into.

The Rossis Experience Pro Jr. are armed with Dynamic Core which will make sure that the skis are not too heavy and technical on your little sweethearts and, at the same time, support them on their way to glory and ski trophies.

They are made to help your kid accelerate, learn but also have tons of fun and enjoy any conditions.

Check out the whole line for winter 2018/2019 from Rossignol and don’t hesitate to contact us if you got any questions or need help picking your new pair of skis.

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