Get inside a day of a pro's life with the Element X Polaroid skateboard decks

Yet another cool collab, this time we are talking Element and Polaroid Originals. Every deck shows you a collage of Polaroid skate photos with pros, tricks, road trips, and all the good-life snapped in shots.

The new Element X Polaroid originals decks are part of a project where two photographers and four pro riders documented the daily life of a pro skateboarder and each deck carries the name of the person behind the camera (photographers Brian Gaberman and Fred Mortagne, and riders Nick Garcia, Brandon Westgate, Nassim Guammaz and Jaakko Ojanen).

You can see quite a few familiar faces in the photos as well, like Evan Smith, Tyson Peterson, Donny Barley, Nyjah, and Ray Barbee. Combine those with some captured, funky moments and you got yourself a pretty good sneak peek into a pro’s life.

Apart from the cool design, you are getting the Featherlight construction with a premium concave shape which guarantees a lighter deck that is extra durable and with a long-lasting pop. So grab one before they get sold out! Even if you like to collect decks, these ones are definitely going to be a perfect addition to your wall!

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