A legendary mini-cruiser you can easily both ride and carry around

Your life is going to get much easier with the Madrid X Stranger Things complete cruisers. Those boards breach the gaps between the bulky cruiser and the tiny Penny boards, which is exactly what you need to be able to carry easily but still enjoy a nice ride.

What really makes these boards special is the fact that they fall into the mini-cruiser category but they are slightly wider than a typical one. This means that you can still hang them onto your backpack without having a giant wood plank sticking out, and at the same time have stability while riding. You may put it that way: they have the ideal proportions 12” x 25” x 8”.

Madrid is a skateboard brand that has been around for long enough to make any comments about their quality unnecessary. Those are state of the art boards and that’s that - simple.

The completes come with quality Caliber trucks, smooth Cadillac bearings and wheels, and clear grip tape so you can enjoy the cool graphics all the way.

The collab with Stranger Things, the popular Netflix series, just adds coolness points to the brand and the boards. Especially, when this is not Madrid’s first TV appearance (yes, we are talking about the original ‘Back to the Future’ movie)!

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