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Things you need to bring for the Berlin Marathon

Our team rider Anders Hauerholt shows how he prepares his skates for the marathon. Furthermore, he shows what you need to bring to Berlin.

It’s right around the corner, folks! This Saturday around 6000 inline and roller skaters will head out on the 42,195 kilometers around Berlin. In order to have a successful marathon, you need to prepare. This means training, fine-tuning your skates and of course, packing the right stuff for the marathon.

Training for the Berlin marathon is essential if you want to be able to cross that finish line and get one of those very desired medals. But it’s also important to make sure that your skates are in top shape, so you can perform your best.

Cleaning your skates

Anders exposed his skates to all sort of dirt, gravel, and water, so in this video, he prepares his Roces X38 for the marathon by cleaning the bearings of the wheels. Dirty bearings will make it much harder to gain and maintain speed.

The good news is that it’s very easy to clean your bearings if you follow this easy guide, that we’ve made for you.

You can also buy gear, made especially for cleaning and maintaining your bearings right here.

Things you need to bring to the Marathon

Anders shares his experience of which clothing is nice to bring for the marathon to skate in, but also what you need to bring along on the 42,195 kilometers. Among the gear, you can’t live without is a fanny pack to have your essentials in when on the route.

One of the things that Anders is going to bring is energy gel, which you can use to gain power when you go out doing the marathon.

Remember that if you want to use the gel you should take one 30 min before the race and then a new one every half hour during the race. If you want to give Energy Gels a go, you'll find it here.

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