Guide to Adjusting Slack in Mini BMX Freecoaster

Are you experiencing slack in the freecoaster of your mini BMX? Not to worry because it is supposed to be there. This guide helps you understand what having slack in your BMX freecoaster means and how you can adjust it.

See the video - How to adjust the slack of your Rocker JT Freecoaster.

Some mini BMX bikes come with a freecoaster hub that enables you to ride your BMX backwards whilst keeping the pedals in the same position. When moving forward again you will experience a small period where you do not get an immediate grip on the chain. This is known as slack.

The amount of slack in the BMX freecoaster determines how far you have to pedal before it engages again. You can adjust the amount of slack yourself from 1 to 4.

  • Setting 1-2: Least amount of slack.
  • Setting 3-4: Most amount of slack (4 is often factory setting)

Please note that the presence of slack is normal and is supposed to be there.

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