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Buying axles for scooters

The axles on a scooter varies in size and shape according to brand and model. If the axle is not properly dialed the scooter will make noises and can malfunction.


The length of an axle/bolt is measured in mm and without its head (w/o head).
This way you get the actual length.

How to select the correct axle length?

  • If a deck/fork uses type A axle, it must NOT exceed the frame/wall of the deck/fork.
  • If a deck/fork uses type B axle, the axle must exceed 10 mm outside the frame/wall of the deck/fork. (This is to attach the lock nut).

Mounting Pegs

  • If you mount pegs you need it to exceed at least 10 mm + the thickness/depth of your peg. (A longer type B axle is always preferred).
  • It is possible to exchange type A & B.


Different types of heads are illustrated below. Notice that you need a corresponding tool in the right size for tightening the axle head.


The standard diameter on most scooters is 8 mm. This also fits directly with 8 mm bearings and spacers.

There are also axles in 6 mm & 10 mm and other diameters. Most off-road scooters come with 10mm axles in this case special bearings are required.


The thread density on an axle always matches when you buy a complete set with head & screw / nut.

If SkatePro does not have a matching axles/bolt for your scooter, please tell us via email.

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