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Buying frames for Aggressive inline skates

Frames can be replaced on most aggressive inline skates. Replace your frames in pairs when they are worn out due to grinds or if the corners of the wheel bolts are worn through.

Fortunately, most boots & frames use a standard called UFS. Universal Frame system.
This means you can buy any UFS frame and put it on any boot, no matter the brand or size!

However, if you want a recommendation on what size to choose, this is the norms:

Size S/1 (recommended for size 37-41 EU) (5-7")
Size M/2 (recommended for size 42-45 EU) (8-12")
Size L/3 (recommended for size 46-49 EU) (13-14")

The boot and frames both need to be UFS for the interconnection to work.

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