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7 Easy Steps to Maintain your Ice Skates

Follow the 7 tips in this guide to prolong the lifespan of your ice skates in order for you to enjoy them for many years.

Figure skates, as well as ice hockey skates, need some maintenance for you to get the full benefits from them for a long time. Make sure to always maintain them after use.

  1. Wear skate guards - Always use hard skate guards suitable for walking in when you leave the ice.
  2. Use soakers in your bag - Transport your ice skates with soakers (also soft guards and blade covers) to avoid the blades from bumping into each other or tearing your bag.
  3. Wipe off the blade right after use - Clean the blade with a dry cloth or an old T-shirt to keep them from rusting.
  4. Dry the sole separately - Take the sole out of the ice skate and let it dry separately. The ice skates must dry at room temperature. Do not use a heater or the likes since this can change the shape and fit of the sole and interior liner, which are often made of synthetic materials with a low melting temperature.
  5. Store your ice skates without guards - Or use soakers in terrycloth to absorb any excess moisture and keep your blades from rusting. Do not store your ice skates in hard skate guards, which will make the blades rust.
  6. Use acid-free oil - Lubricate the blade with a thin layer of acid-free oil for long-term storage to avoid any rust development.
  7. Sharpen your ice skates - Once in a while, they must be sharpened to get better contact with the ice and thus increased control, providing you with a smooth ride. Read Sharpening ice skates.

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