Buying Ski Boots

Finding the right ski boots is an important part of a good experience when skiing. This guide helps you to choose the ski boots that are right for you.

A ski boot has several functions: First, ski boots have to be comfortable to wear, and they must also be able to keep the feet warm. In addition, they could have to transfer your movements to the skis. Since the outside of the ski boot consists of a hard plastic shell, a good fit and comfort are extremely important for the liner to fit perfectly to your feet.

Quality ski boots will eventually adapt better to the feet that use them. Below you can read about some terms, you should be aware of.

Size of ski boots

The size system used for measuring ski boots is called Mondopoint and refers to the inner length of the liner in cm. It is important to get the exact right size for your new ski boots. They should be neither too large nor too small, as it potentially can ruin a good ski trip, but with the right size, you will have lots of fun with your skis.

Fit of ski boots

You can easily be in doubt about how tight your ski boots have to fit. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to move your toes, but your heel should sit relatively tight. You should feel that the whole ski boot fits tightly around your foot, and there shouldn’t be any pressure points on your foot, which is significantly bigger than elsewhere on your foot. It is very important that your boots are comfortable to wear.

Ski boot flex

The flex of a ski boot indicates how hard or soft the outer shell is. The higher the number, the stiffer the boot. A stiffer boot transmits your movements more precisely to the skis. This is an advantage for expert skiers, but a disadvantage for the novice. A low flex number is more forgiving, whereas a high flex number is more sensitive and direct in the control. Men's flex is typically between 80 and 130, while the women's flex is between 65 and 110.

Ski boot buckles

Most of our ski boots have 3-4 buckles, which ensure good hold of the foot. However, most kids ski boots have only two buckles. The buckles are typically made of plastic, but in pro ski boots they are often made ​​of metal.

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