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Marwe Roller Skis Equipment

Marwe Rubber Skating Ratchetwheel Complete 80x40mm

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This is Marwe's skate wheel with ratchet functionality. This adds a directional resistance to your skate roller ski setup, enabling you to ride with a kick-back technique. You get a choice of 3 hardness' that you can then utilize to get more out of your workout by for instance going with the slow version. The Ratchet wheel is always installed on the front-end of Marwe Skis.

The rubber used is Marwe's popular blend that yields durability and good wet grip capabilities.

The wheel comes complete with bearings and an axle pre-installed.

Fits the following Marwe roller ski models:
- Marwe Skating 590 C
- Marwe Skating 590 A
- Marwe Skating 590 XC
- Marwe Universal 800 C
- Marwe Universal 800 XC
- Marwe Skating
- Marwe Combi

Notice: This is a ratchet wheel that will allow you to ride your roller skis in a more combined technique of both classic and skating. Perfect for the Marwe Universal models.

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