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USD Aeon 60 Basic Aggressive Inline Skates

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Shoe size (US Men): 10-10.5
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Family Adjustable Skate Helmet
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Eight Ball Park Skate Pads 2-Pack
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The Aeon 60 Basic are a popular choice for exercising outdoor in a fun way. On these USD inline skates, you will find a one-piece boot which will provide you with a snug fit and responsive handling.

The USD inline skates run small in size. We therefore recommend choosing one size up from your regular shoe size.

  • V-Cut cuff offering you increased mobility and maneuverability for versatile skating
  • Composite frame with a rugged and light design offering you a comfortable ride due to the absorption of road vibrations
  • 61mm wheels with a hardness of 90A making it easy for you to pick up speed while still maintaining a playful skating style

Please check the axles before first usage and remember to conduct a regular maintenance.

Wheel diameter:
Wheel hardness:
Frame type:
Flat setup
Boot/Shell type:
Liner features:
Heat moldable
Lacing, Buckle
Bearing precision:
Wheel width:
Frame material:
Fiber glass, Composite
Boot material:
Liner material:
Mesh, Foam
Flexible, V-Cut
Backslide plate:
Recommended for:
Aggressive skating
reviews   (46)
Ordering was easy and deliver was really fast. Product is excellent and exactly as described. Really happy with my purchase
Anthony Veneruso (Bradenton)
Rating: 5 of 5!
I’m a true US size 9 and the 10-10.5 fit perfect. Been skating on them for 2ish weeks and having a blast. Stock wheels are going to have to be replaced sooner than later. They already look like they need rotated.
Cody Jensen (Tulsa)
Rating: 5 of 5!
These are my first pair of aggressive skates and I could not be happier with them. They are comfortable and roll nice. I'm learning how to front-side grind and soul grind as well! I love the Aeons so much!
Ricky Roopnarine (Missouri City)
Rating: 5 of 5!
John Greear (Wellington)
Rating: 5 of 5!
I want to love these skates, but they hurt so much. I generally wear a USA size 11W shoe. If a shoe doesn’t come in wide, I often purchase 11.5 for a bit extra room. These skates are size 11-12. They were the biggest size offered. My previous skates were size 12 Solomon ST-Ones & fit comfortably. The USD Aeons are so tight around the middle of my foot that it makes my pinky toe go numb. My foot fits in the empty boot fine, so it was suggested to me that the issue may be the liner. My next step is to save up and buy some 2nd Skin liners, as I heard they are noticeably thinner and stretchier. The skate itself is great otherwise. Locking on to soul & groove tricks is a bit easier than with my old Solomons. The ride is smooth. I recommend these skates to anyone for whom they will fit comfortably. If you have wide feet like me, be prepared to drop an extra $90 on some thinner liners or don’t bother. I was so excited for these skates, & this makes me very sad.
Aharon Baer (Chandler)
Rating: 3 of 5!
Very pleased with these, an d being a remedys vet I wasn't sure what pocket I got my money into. Turns out it was the right one. These are comfy!
Mason Gregory (Palm Coast)
Rating: 4 of 5!
Awesome and well balanced skate I literally have no negative comments about the aeon or skatepro
Deante palmer (Irving)
Rating: 5 of 5!
This is my first time skating in over 20 years. These Aeons have so far been perfect for getting back into the sport. The big soul area gives me more confidence to get up over the grind. My last pair of skates were Rollerblade Lightnings that I had to grind a groove into myself. I can't believe how much skates have evolved.
Jeremy Gill (Fayetteville)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Great time skating with these again. Been 20yrs and i still can flow through the park
Michael A LeBlanc (Tacoma)
Rating: 5 of 5!
They are great and my son love them!
Tanya Hiebler (Silverthorne)
Rating: 5 of 5!
International shipping was faster than local shipping. Oh, and the skates are awesome!
Chong Ku (El Centro)
Rating: 5 of 5!
The customer service is outstanding. Skates are awesome. Order at least a 1/2 size up from your normal size.
Mitchell D. (Windsor)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Great skates. Exactly what I was looking for. I'm a size 10.5 US shoe and went with the size 10 skates. Fit really well. Shipping was very fast. Less than a week.
Brandon Evans (San Francisco)
Rating: 5 of 5!
So happy with the service to the USA. Great skate and fit perfect. I sized down to the 8-9 I am a 10us shoe and fit perfect.
Rufe Bynum (Tucson)
Rating: 5 of 5!
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