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Duotone Kiteboarding

Duotone Trust Quad Control Kite Bar

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Duotone Trust 2020 Kite Bar, probably the best and safest 4 line bar on the market

This model works perfectly with any other 4 line kites out there. It features 3 important characteristics that make it super easy to use: The Suicide Ring III, The Iron Heart IV, and the Single Front Line Safety.

Thanks to the Suicide Ring III you will be able to quickly hook in and out after performing your freestyle tricks. Moreover, the Single Front Line Safety will ensure that the area of the kite presented to the wind when the quick release is released, is nearly pressureless.

The kite bar has 2 chicken loop kit options, Freestyle or Freeride. The Freestyle kit has a large chicken loop and a long leash, making it ideal for freestyle and wakestyle riding. This option will help you maximize your freedom of movement, comfort and also works to prevent injuries. With the Freeride kit, you get the smallest chicken loop and a short leash, especially designed if you are riding without unhooking.


  • You get 12% more depower area and an easier adjustment of the depower stroke thanks to the Vario Cleat and Sliding Stopper
  • A plastic central hole that keeps your gear resistant to any abrasion or damage the sand may present
  • The ideal amount of control and comfort offered by the small diameter and thickness of the EVA bar grip
  • Lightweight and stiff Winding Posts made out of fiberglass for maximum comfort and which offer the option adjust the rear lines by trimming them
  • Lines that are easy to untangle after performing rotation jumps, due to the Roto Head
  • 24m line which gives you the perfect 50-50 balance between handling and power
Kite Lines:
4 or 5 Lines Possible
Bar Connection:
Not included