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Rollerblade skates and wheels

Rollerblade Powerblade Elite 125 Inline Speed Skates

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Shoe size: 9
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The Powerblade Elite 125 are shifting you into turbo mode when these big wheels are getting up to speed. This model of Rollerblade speed skates comes equipped with a quality heat moldable boot. This is exactly you if you are looking for a skate with a liner which ensures an individual customized fit.

The Rollerblade Powerblade Elite 125 speed skates are true to size. Therefore, we recommend choosing the same size as your regular shoes. These skates will fit just right if you have slightly wider feet.

  • Aluminum frame offering you direct handling characteristics while being super lightweight
  • 125mm wheels with a hardness of 85A and a narrow profile for minimum friction and maximum speed

Remember to check the screws before first use and tighten them if necessary. Please also note that you have to regularly examine the condition of the screws afterward.

Compatible parts

Find products compatible with Rollerblade Powerblade Elite 125 Inline Speed Skates:

Compatible parts
Boot/Shell type:
Heat moldable
Wheel diameter:
Wheel hardness:
Lacing, Buckle
Bearing precision:
Frame type:
Frame material:
Boot material:
Recommended for:
Speed skating
reviews   (7)
The skates are just fine. Good wheels, good bearings, nice frame. The boots are very stiff and have a pressure point right below the ankle. Not sure if it was for the size too small, but I was concerned as it was kind of painful, so I returned them. I didn't realize that the shipping for returns was not included, so I was hit with the shipping cost. It doesn't happen with the local stores. My bad!
Mauricio Acosta (North Miami Beach)
Rating: 2 of 5!
Quick delivery. Product arrive well packaged and protected. The performance of the skate is outstanding.
kevin adeson (London)
Rating: 5 of 5!
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