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Darkside Longboard Deck

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Come join the Darkside with Rayne Longboards

For a Freeriding dreamboat of a downhill longboard, it really does not get any better than the Darkside decks from Rayne. Positively smothered in techy delicious details, such as radial drops for downhill leverage and control. The kicked tail will allow you to ollie, manual, or blunt anywhere you feel like it. True quiver-killer material right here.

Unique construction giving you full control and feedback in bunches

  • Providing you with a pure and dedicated focus on the road ahead is the intricate concave shape
  • The deck is made from vertically laminated bamboo sandwiched between Triaxial Fiberglass
  • As a killer detail, the bottom sheet is similar to a snowboard top-sheet keeping graphics fresh for longer
  • Wheel wells are laminated directly into the board and not sanded or machined, giving you a far more steady and stable ride

Size does matter!

In this league of downhill longboards, it is crucial that your deck-size matches your skill and physical size.

Rayne recommends as follows:

  • 34" deck length is made for riders with a height from 5'6" (165.5cm) and downwards
  • 36" deck length is made for riders with a height between 5'6" (165.5cm) and 6'0" (183cm)
ModelWheelbaseDeck lengthDeck width
34"21.5" - 22.5" (54.6cm - 57.2cm)34" (86.4cm)9.25" (23.5cm)
36"23.5" - 24.5" (59.7cm - 62.2cm)36" (91.4cm)9.75" (24.7cm)
Deck material:
Bamboo, 3-ply
Additional materials:
Epoxy, Fiberglass, 2-ply
Deck features:
Kicktail, Wheel wells, Directional
Not included
Riding Style:
Downhill, Freeride
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