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Imperial Special Edition Freestyle Skates

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The Powerslide Imperial Special Edition freeskates have a really nice price-to-performance ratio. They are designed for exciting and fast-paced urban freestyle and freeskate action. These Powerslide freeskates come equipped with a quality hard boot. So if good power transfer and support are something you are looking for, the hard boot construction will provide you with that. These skates will fit just right if you have slightly narrower feet.

  • High-Cut cuff gives you maximum ankle support for stabilization and reducing your muscle fatigue
  • Aluminum frame offers you direct handling characteristics while being super lightweight
  • Rockered frame for enhanced maneuverability since the wheels in the front and the back are slightly smaller
  • Powerstrap closure to avoid heel lift with the extra strap across your instep for a secure fit and added control
  • 72mm or 76mm wheels with a hardness of 85A for a super responsive and playful ride
  • Removable liners that are designed with a stretchable toe-area
  • The combination of breathable mesh and foam in the liner will keep your feet comfy and well-ventilated
  • No brake included

Remember to check the screws before first use and tighten them if necessary. Please also note that you have to regularly examine the condition of the screws afterward.

Notice: The strap/loop on the back of the boot is for carrying the skates and is not meant to be pulled when you take the skates on.

Wheel diameter:
72mm, 76mm
Wheel hardness:
Boot/Shell type:
Skill Level:
Frame material:
Aluminum, 6000 Series
Liner Features:
Removable, 2-layer, Stretch Toe
Lacing, Powerstrap, Buckle
Bearing precision:
Frame type:
Rockered setup, 4-wheeled
Max wheel diameter:
Boot material:
Fiberglass, Composite
Liner Material:
Mesh, Foam
Stable, High lateral support, Integrated carrying loop
Recommended for:
Fitness skating, Freestyle skating
reviews   (14)
Love love love these skates! I've been riding these skates exclusively for the last several months, and I don't ever want to go back to a flat set up! Having had no experience with rockered skates prior to purchasing these, I was definitely nervous, but the accessible price point made it worth the risk. Best gamble ever! I am in love with these skates. My skills and confidence have sky-rocketed since discovering my "edges", and the PS Imperial Special Edition made this discovery so much more natural and intuitive. I wear shoe size 6.5 US womens, and I purchased the US 4/5 boot. Initially, I thought they were extremely tight with pressure points around the toes, but within a few weeks of wearing them, they fit me perfectly without any discomfort at all. (I chose to wear mine in, rather than baking the heat moldable liners). I may upgrade to a higher-end freeskate in the future, but for now, these are perfect! Thanks Powerslide & Skatepro!
Beth K. (Fort Meade)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Good product and service
Thien Pham (San Jose)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Awesome freestyle skates arrived quickly. Baked the liner and once the liner is broken-in after a couple of hours of use they fit like a glove fit and snug and the power transfer is amazing. Very maneuverable rockered setup. The skates are very comfortable with no pressure points. Will buy again thank you SkatePro you guys are awesome!
Jesus r. (Maywood)
Rating: 5 of 5!
These were an upgrade from my beginner skates. They only have 72mm wheels (for my size), so it is difficult to maintain my speed without exerting so much energy. They are a very quiet ride and the wheels glide along the street beautifully - like butter, seriously. I measured my foot according to Powerslide's size chart but my skates are too small. My toes and balls of my feet lose circulation and go numb. I re-laced and loosened my laces, adjusted every strap, tried thick and thin socks, broke them in, and even bought insoles/ inserts for the boot. I wear a size 5 shoe and bought size 5.5 - 6 skates. These are also for more narrow feet.
Michelle P. (Spring)
Rating: 4 of 5!
Poor product. Some screws are entered deep inside the shoes that irritate the body. The company forgot to cover the screws!!!
M. Dinan (Tallaght)
Rating: 1 of 5!
Reply from SkatePro:  Thank you so much for your effort in writing this review. I can see you have been in contact with my colleagues and have been offered a solution. We did not hear back from you after that. I'm sorry to hear that the problem still seem to arise. I'll contact you again, so we can have a second look at your claim. // Doreen
First time with freestyle, rockered set up and this was a great choice! It’s a very good quality product, fits perfectly (narrow feet), it’s highly responsive when skating, comfortable and light. Definitely a great buy!
Carlos J. (Dublin)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Considering that I am only a beginner, I would like to say these are perfect. They are comfortable, and just feels amazing.
Lawrence Cheung (Richmond)
Rating: 5 of 5!
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