TLC Bikes

TLC Bikes provides high-quality and innovative BMX parts such as pegs, sprockets, and different hardware. TLC stands for ‘Titanium Lightweight Component’, and TLC bolts and spokes are created from extremely lightweight titanium to ensure durability as well as the lowest possible weight. Even though the company is best known for its hardware, its product range also includes TLC clothing to make sure riders can train in the most comfortable hoodies and t-shirts.

The journey of TLC Bikes started in 2013 in Essex, UK, by BMX riders to answer the need for ultra-light titanium parts in the UK’s BMX scene. Every TLC BMX part is designed in the UK and tested in-house by a talented team of riders to ensure the parts can withstand all kinds of riding styles.

TLC Bikes continues to grow and expand its product range due to the success and support it has gotten from the BMX community.

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