Electric Transport

The future of personal transportation is here

The electric bicycle has become mainstream within the last few years, and at the moment we see a big interest in other kinds of electric transportation such as Stary Boards, electric longboards, skateboards, scooters, hoverboards and Ninebot Segways. There is no reason to think, that this development won’t continue for many years. The capacity of the batteries becomes bigger, charging time reduces and durability of the engines are constantly improving. If we take a look at an example like the Stary Board, the specs, and quality of the first model until now has been significant.

A stary board or an Inboard M1 board?

Here at SkatePro we currently carry two brands of electric longboards. The Stary Board and the Inboard M1 longboard. One of the main differences is the top speed that is slightly faster on the Inboard M1 board, where you also can replace the battery and increase the range.

Ninebot and Segway - The same thing?

The story about Segway and Ninebot is an actual drama. The two-wheeled self-balancing scooter was invented in the USA, but the inventors had some challenges regarding making the new form of electric transportation profitable. Meanwhile, in China, a company called Ninebot produced a similar product, but since Segway already owned the worldwide patent for the self-balancing scooter, this was not well received in America, and they filed a lawsuit against Ninebot. But how did Ninebot handle this? They bought Segway and merged the two companies. So that is the reason why our self-balancing scooter is called both Ninebot and Segway.