Snowboard Clothing & Winter Apparel

Snowboard Clothing to Wear This Winter

When the winter season starts, you want to make sure you have the best snowboarding clothing to keep you warm, dry and looking the part. Conditions on the mountains can change a lot from morning to afternoon, so snowboarders need to be prepared for all kinds of weather. The best snowboard apparel is breathable and comfy fitting, but depending on which snowboard layer, it should serve a particular purpose.

How Many Layers Should You Wear Snowboarding?

The number of snowboard clothing layers you wear can depend on the outside temperature and how warm you like to be. The standard setup for snowboarding is to wear a base layer followed by a mid-layer or fleece and then a waterproof snowboard jacket.

Traditionally, snowboard fashion has taken a different approach when compared with ski clothes. There is a much larger cross-over now than before, but the snowboard clothing style is generally a looser and casual fit. This is great for mobility and comfort and allows extra room for protection such as snowboard impact shorts. Products such as bib-style snow pants are particularly unique to the snowboard wardrobe.

Many of the snowboard clothes are unisex, but you can divide them into men's snowboard clothes, women's and kids if you want to narrow your search down.

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