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If you are looking for a sledge, this is the right place to look. We have a selection of sledges, snowracers, snow skates and other entertainment for the winter season. When the snow is falling and the world outside turns all white, it's time to find your sledge and go outside!


In Denmark, the word bobsleigh is used when talking about a plastic sled. This kind of sledge is usually used by kids. The advantage of this sled is that you can use it, even when there is only a small amount of snow. On the contrary, a wood sledge is better suited for hills with a lot of firm snow. In other countries, the bobsleigh is associated with the winter sport of the same name. But the bobsleighs used for this sport are very different from the plastic sledges in our product range.

Our selection of regular snow sledges give you the opportunity to get the most out of the cold winter weather. The brake handles on the sledge works as both brakes and steering. The handles make it possible to navigate the snow sledge by pulling one handle at a time. Most of the sledges are made of high quality HDPE-plastic so they remain strong, durable and flexible even in low temperatures.

Sledges with steering wheels

Sledges with steering wheels, or snowracers, as some people call them, guarantees an even better experience when you ride with high speed. The seat is lifted from the ground, which provide you with a better overview, and because these sledges have steering wheels, they are easier to control. These sledges are great if you want perfect control at high speed.