Floorball equipment


Find your floorball gear for both professionals and beginners. Floorball is also known as indoor hockey and floor hockey. It’s an indoor contact sport related to hockey.

The floorball equipment consists of a plastic ball with holes, a floorball stick for the players and protective gear.

Find gear for both professionals and beginners.

Sticks for players with these measurements.

Your height Stick
120-140 cm 70 cm
140-150 cm 80 cm
150-160 cm 87 cm
160-175 cm 92 cm
175-190 cm 96 cm
190-210 cm 100 cm

The right length of the stick is from the floor to your navel. A 96 cm stick is rather normal for adult players.

Please note:

  • that the length of the stick does not include the blade. Add around 15 cm to get the total length of the stick.
  • that the sticks have a different flex from 23-32. A low flex gives a stiffer stick fitting for a big strong player.

Take a look at our complete sets of floorball sticks and balls intended for floorball clubs and gymnastics at schools. Find the right gear and get ready to play!