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We got TV stars in the house - Madrid boards

How much are you into Netflix series? What about skateboarding? Well, if you like Stranger Things and skating then check this out!

Madrid vs Stranger Things

We filled up the house with some very sick designs from Madrid boards which recently featured in the Netflix hit series “Stranger Things”. The old school, 80s-shaped boards are armed with both cool illustrations from the series or realistic graphics. No matter what are you into, those boards are seriously good!

Madrid - old-school TV stars

Did you know that this is not Madrid’s first appearance on TV? Their debut was in the original Back to the Future movie, where Marty McFly rode the legendary Madrid Valterra. So apart from long history and experience in board shaping (since the 60s), Madrid has had some iconic appearances and cooperations.

Stoked? Grab a Madrid board from our shelves and rock the 80s shape with style!

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