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Dante Hutchinson: Pro rider and a good guy

Dante Hutchinson is known throughout the scooter community as a good guy and a humble person. To the young scooter rider from the UK, it’s not only an image but a way of life.

The kids in Omega Skatehal in Søften, Denmark are flocking around Dante Hutchinson, they all want a picture and an autograph from the former World and 3x UK Champion. He could just give them a shoutout and do what he came for - scootering, but he takes his time to carefully talk and take a picture with every kid.

When we ask him if he ever gets tired of answering the same questions, writing autographs and posing for pictures for Instagram, Dantes Answer is clear:

“When I was a kid I loved being around the pros. A rider like Dakota really took his time to talk and give me a lot of tips and tricks, and this is what the kids want. Nowadays, the pros don’t do that in the same way. They do show love to the kids, but the kids don't get to hang around, have fun and have a good conversation. I just want to give back to the kids, what the pros gave to me”, he says.

We’re humans too

To Dante, it’s important to talk to the kids and let them know that the pros are just “normal” scooter riders like themselves.

“The kids are really shy when they are around us. They think that we are larger than life but we’re the same as them, we can just make a few extra tricks. The kids learn from you, that’s why it’s important to get the kids involved with the pros”, he says and continues.

A group picture of all the people who participated in the session at Omega Skatepark.

"The Pros need to inspire the kids, they need to show them that you can push your limits and reach your goals and at the same time be a good person. It’s not all about being serious about the sport, it’s about having fun with your friends, experience new things, traveling around the world. I learned that from Dakota and the other pros and I want to give that to the new generations”.


If you follow Dante on Instagram you properly already know that he uses #stayhumble and #humblemove in his posts, but what does it actually mean to him?

Talking to the kids are important for the Dante, as he wants to inspire them

“It’s important to be humble, I feel it makes me a better sportsman. If you’re not humble you lose your attitude and your original reason for riding, then you lose the good vibes. It’s not all about the money, about being sponsored, and the who’s best. It’s about what you love doing, having fun, and growing the sport”, he says.

Dante points out that by “teaching” the young generations to be humble and open-minded will help scootering to grow.

Dante in the air at Omega Skatepark

“Skateboarding, BMX and roller skating are big, but it’s getting to a point where scootering is potentially outgrowing the other action sports and if everyone is humble and open-minded I think this will attract a lot of people”, he says.

Riding on a positive wave

Dante at Christiania in Denmark

When you’re around Dante you quickly sense that he is a positive person, always smiling and happy, but what does that mean to him?

“I think you come very long way with being positive. If you are having a good time, it will influence your motivation and ride in a good way. If you think bad it could turn out bad but if you think positive your chance to succeed is much better” he says and adds.

“Of course, I sometimes get angry too, but I keep it inside because I think that acting angry is bad sportsmanship. I want the kids to know that you’re not getting anything out of throwing you scooter around when you get mad”.

If you want to learn more about Dante check out the video above or follow him on Instagram @dhutchinsonn.

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