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MACBA - Visiting one of the best skateboard spots in the world

Our skateboard team rider Julius Halle just got back from a trip to Barcelona and met with us to tell how it feels to kickflip at the Mecca of skateboarding, aka MACBA.

For any skateboarder, Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, better knows as MACBA is like a sacred place where they need to visit at least once as a pilgrimage and skate their worships out. This is why Julius' excitement to tell us about the trip and treat us with an edit is hard to hide. Hope you will get just as inspired as us after this video and our talk with Julius. Enjoy!

Welcome back, Julius. Surely a nice trip you had there. How would you describe Barcelona as a skate spot with one word?

Julius (J): Fantastic!

Ok, why? You can give me more words now.

J: It was like a dream coming true. I experienced myself a lot of what I have been watching on YouTube, and I wasn’t disappointed for sure. It is as if anything can be skated!

When you went there had you already made a plan where you would go skating and what tricks you'd practice or was it a more spontaneous trip?

J: I got the trip as a present for my Confirmation so I had a month where I saw tons of skateboard videos from Barcelona. So this was a bit of a prep. I also found a website where there was a skate-spot map of Barcelona in which I marked the places I wanted to go skateboarding. So, yes, I did have kind of a plan.

Did that plan change at some point and why?

J: The plan has changed for all of those places I wanted to skate. Firstly, I picked too many spots (but they are so many!). So when I was finally in Barcelona I wanted to skate fewer places but do it properly, rather than skate too many different spots. Secondly, MACBA was so sick of a spot that I simply loved skating there! I could stay there forever!

So you skated one of the most iconic places - MACBA. How did it feel?

J: It was the best to skate at MACBA. I thought that I’d be shy to skate among so many other skateboarders (good skateboarders). But just like any other place I’ve skated before, people clapped at each other and acknowledged when the other skaters did good tricks.

Is it really that great as they say and what makes it that good if so?

J: I imagined that it will be a great experience but it turned out even better than that! MACBA was almost like a small town where everyone thought that skateboarding was the life!

When it got a bit darker and the temperature fell a bit it just filled with people who either skateboarded or hung around to watch. Around 11pm two big police cars came and the people knew that it was time to leave and so they did, quietly and without any fuss.

Did you discover any new spots yourself? Care to share?

J: My dad and I rented bikes one day and rode around the town. There were skate spots literally all over the place.

Which trick did you enjoy doing at MACBA and did you nail it?

J: I think it was really nice to skate the 5-step stairs at MACBA. I tried different tricks on those stairs but decided to go for a 360 flip down them. I kept on trying and in the end, it happened. Some of the skaters came to watch so when I managed the cheering was massive.

This is what is so great about skateboarding - that no matter how old you are or how good, the people are happy for each other when the trick sticks and appreciate it when someone does something sick.

What is the outcome of this trip? What will you take away from it?

J: I learned not to be so shy when I skate and instead just give it a go, to push myself. I also fell in love with high gaps. One thing is for sure, I am going to Barcelona again because it was way too good there!


Many athletes go through that period when they lack confidence or doubt themselves and their skills. The key to getting out of these periods is to keep your eyes fixed on your goals and have the vision of what you want to do, even if it is simply a 360 flip you want to nail, like Julius. You need to find your inspiration and motivation again, and just go for it!

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